Home of Hope Building Project

The Lord has been so gracious over the years and we have been able to acquire our own land and build our own home for the kids at Home of Hope thanks to a lot of generous supporters both here and in Uganda. We have loved our own space but the number of children has continued to grow close to 60, with several of the children being older and requiring additional space and care. This spring during Edith’s first trip to the USA, we were able to work with EmbraceKulture to raise funds to purchase 1 acre of land adjacent to the current home. With this big step, Edith and her staff at Home of Hope have been able to plan for the future. The goal is to build a 3 story building that will serve many purposes. The first floor will be home to the older children at Home of Hope and will allow them adequate space to sleep, live and take care of their daily needs. At their current home, children are sleeping on mats in the hallways due to over crowding and we desire to see each child have a bed of their own with a proper mosquito net. The second floor will be an area for learning trades and crafts. Several of the older children are able to learn and desire to be productive citizens and we would like to give them this opportunity. Through woodworking, sewing and jewelry making the children could produce items to be sold in their community to help Home of Hope continue to work toward becoming self sufficient. The third floor would be a guest house that visitors and volunteers could rent while serving in Uganda, this would also provide additional income. The foundation has been laid with the remaining funds from the spring trip but there is much work to be done. Here are the costs:

The entire building project: $70,000

To finish the ground floor for the kids to move in: $25,000

We are currently out of funds to continue and are praying for the Lord to provide and move this project forward. To give you and click on the donate tab and select the Mt Zion building fund tab.

Over crowded home with children sleeping on mats

Older boys who love to paint, sing and build things

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